Continuing Education Center

From the 2011-2012 academic year by the decision of the  Scientists Council of the ISU
of June 28,2011  №01-88,  the structural unit of the Continuing Education Center was created. The functions of organizing the educational process for correspondence students were transferred to it.

Since 2012, in accordance with the reforms in the system of higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic ISU has moved from the traditional correspondence form of study to the correspondence form using distance learning technologies.

From the same year , the Center for Continuing Education, in accordance with the received license of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, began training correspondence students using distance learning technologies.

To date, the director, senior inspector , two methodologists and software engineer are working in the center for Continuing Education.

Studying process

The center is preparing correspondence students with the use of remote technologies  and the use of credit technologies in the following areas:

  1.Philological education

   Kyrgyz   language

  Russian   language

 2. Socio-economic education



  Pedagogy  and methodology of primary education

4. Electric power and electrical engineering.

   Power supply

5. Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes

6.  Technology of transport processes

7. Information systems and technologies

8. Natural-science education



9.Physical training

Currently, about 1200 students study in the center of continuous education, for them educational process is organized in accordance with  the curricula and schedules, which include review lectures, practical and laboratory classes, independent work of students, consultations, etc.

In the center of continuing learning, together with the teachers of the department work is going on the formation of an electronic educational resource-electronic educational and methodological complexes in all disciplines in accordance with the State Educational standard of higher professional education of the Kyrgyz Republic and loading into the educational portal of the Center of Continuing Education.

There are three multimedia classes with 56 computers and two servers , all classes are connected to the Internet.

The active work was carried out to automate the educational process, both in the center of continuing education, and in general in the ISU. For These proposes, the AVN program has been acquired and implemented, which allows to automate the system of management of the educational process at the university, as well as apply distance technology in teaching undergraduate students on the job.

On the basis of the center of Continuous learning, employees of all structural subdivisions of ISU on using the AVN program in the educational process received certificates, as well as employees of the center regularly take part in seminars and conferences on distance learning technologies.