Faculty of History and Tourism

Dean: Alymbekov Kayrbek
Address: Karakol, 120 Gebze street
Phone: +996 3922 52683 

    Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy K.Alymbekov: Our faculty is surprised that “history and social and economic disciplines,” in 1995 as a training adistiktigin school graduates for admission to the university. This expertise in the organization of the history of science, Ivakov AN Asanalieva, etc., Zhunushov Chortonbaev Was Makenbaev, Ashimov conjunction and others contributed.

History and specialty SED was established with the founding of its first years, the Ph.D. Ivakov AN The main lead in this specialty, a big effort has been spent. In the years 1996-1999, called “History and the Department of SED Ashimov in conjunction with the head of the department appointed.

2000-2003 years of history and teaching SEDdi senior lecturer A. Headed embodiments. Since 1995, the specialty of the history of 2003 years after the first, economic, geographical, historical and geographical base of the Faculty was formed.

2003-2004- academic year as a faculty of history, specializing in the history of the self-built. By the end of 2005, the faculty of pedagogy and history faculties of history and pedagogy, it was renamed. Since May 2006, the faculty of history and regional studies. In the 2014-2015 academic year on the basis of the accession of the two specialty history and was renamed the Department of Tourism.

The faculty teaching staff and 50. loved one. Among them, a doctor of science Kaldybaev B., to defend one of the ten candidates of science, KA, Mukanbetova, Asanalieva Dj.B., Kerimkulov embodiments, AK, İşenbekova NT juice KT, LA Professor Osmonbaev K, LA Professor Kudaibergenova, Professor Ivanov, VA The rest of the training, education and training activities that help the laboratory.

Excellence in Education teacher in the faculty of several deliveries – Kerimkulov, Asanalieva, Kojomuratov

The faculty will be prepared for the following specialties:

• History

• Tourism

• Ecology and environmental management

• Forest and landscape construction

• Social work

The faculty departments: 3

• History and its teaching method

• Philosophy and Sociology

• Tourism and the environment, nature conservation department

Organization of the curriculum and faculty

On the organization of the faculty of faculty and departments have been developed in accordance with Regulation. Academic Council of the faculty and calendar plans and faculty chairs, chairs used to plan meetings, meeting notes attached. Faculty working papers approved nomenclature of securities is conducted on the basis of the state and official languages.

Schedule a training process based on the approved curriculum, the academic process was created at the beginning of the year Tynystanov inspection department and approved by the rector for academic affairs. Education courses conducted for a permanent order (scheduling).

The teachers and school hours are planned on the basis of the approved curricula in accordance with standards adopted IMUda. In response to the clocks of all teachers in the early years of theoretical and practical lessons on working programs were developed.

According to the introduction of the Bologna process: students create individual plans; studied and reviewed the credit hours; At the beginning of the semester, students will be syllabi, textbooks and methodological complexes is monitored.

Between departments, classroom participation, will be carried out on schedule, and young teachers teaching aid. Organization of the faculty have been carried out in accordance with regulations developed on the faculties and departments. The faculty educational-methodological council has been created, it works according to the approved plan. The faculty and the department has a plan and methodological workshops, training young teachers to discuss the lessons of analysis, publishing, educational and methodological guid The content of the methodological seminar read reports both theoretical and practical nature. Specializations and disciplines of academic and methodological support to reasonable levels elines for the offer, the higher also provides for discussion of new publications.

Rector on educational work of the faculty headed for the beginning of the school year, and by the vice-dean for educational affairs of the faculty will act in accordance with the approved plan. Within the faculty, parents’ meeting held on schedule for the beginning of the year. Supervisors are working with the beginning of the year, with the first location of the body of educational institutions and libraries, and a familiarity with the wording of the order, as well as their respective groups, according to plan, supervise the clock and check students’ attendance and disciplinary action in the form of a message to the students.