Dean: Osmonbaeva Kymbatgul
Address: Karakol, Tynystanov street, 32/318
Phone: 03922 52692

The faculty of natural Sciences and physical culture is one of the oldest faculties of the University with a rich history. In connection with the need for teaching staff for secondary schools in the region in the field of natural science education, in 1971 was opened the Department of natural Sciences, and since 1974 the faculty of natural geography. The main task of the faculty was to train teachers of geography and biology. In connection with the current new market conditions and the need for personnel for sectors of the economy since 1993 on the basis of the faculty began training in the field of ecology, forestry, tourism. Later on the basis of the decision of the academic Council of ISU, on the basis of the departments of environment, forestry, tourism and geography was established the Institute of tourism and natural resources, and on the basis of the departments of biology, chemistry and pharmacy faculty of chemistry and biology. After a number of changes in the structure of the University from 2016-2017 academic year, the faculty is called the faculty of natural Sciences and physical culture.

A significant contribution to the development and establishment of the faculty made the following teachers: candidate of Sciences, associate professors S. Tokombaev, M. Zhumagulov, T. Abdykadyrov, J. Sydykov, E. Ryskulov. The pride of the faculty are honorary professors of the University: I. Asanbekov,

Sh. Kаchekova, Z. Kadyrkulova, I. O. Osmonov, B. Sabatarov.  Associate Professor I. Asanbekov is an honored worker of education of the Kyrgyz Republic. Dean of the faculty is candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor, excellent student of environmental protection Osmonbaeva Kymbat.

Currently, the faculty trains specialists in the following areas and specialties:

Bachelor’s degree programs:

* Natural science education-550100

 Profiles: biology, geography, chemistry;

*  Biotechnology-720200

Profile: Biotechnology

* Physical education-532000

Profile: physical education.

The teaching staff consists of 35 people, including 10 candidates of Sciences, associate professors, 2 candidates of Sciences without academic title, 3 associate professors without academic degree, 7 senior teachers, 8 teachers. The qualitative composition of teaching staff constitutes 34.2%. Training and support staff consists of 5 senior laboratory assistants, 2 methodologists. The faculty has 260 students in various fields and specialties.

Educational work at the faculty is conducted according to the state educational standards, curricula of specialties, schedule of educational process, schedule of classes. The academic load of teachers is distributed taking into account the norms of time and their qualifications. Teachers of departments have developed working programs for lectures, practical and laboratory classes. Individual curricula, syllabuses and educational-methodical complexes have been developed for undergraduate students. In order to control the quality of teaching at the faculty of educational and methodical Commission, which attends open classes, classes of young teachers, makes recommendations for the publication of educational, teaching and developments.

Scientific activity at the faculty is carried out according to the annual plan of scientific work, there are 5 postgraduates and candidates for the degree of candidate of Sciences, 2 candidates for the degree of doctor of Sciences at the faculty. To improve the skills of teachers of the faculty are trained in research centers and leading Universities, both in Kyrgyzstan and abroad (Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, Germany).

Educational work at the faculty is aimed at training educated, harmonious generation of young people in the spirit of love and patriotism for their homeland.

Currently, the structure of the faculty includes 2 departments:

1. Department of natural Sciences;

2. Department of physical culture and teaching methods.

In order to improve their skills, teachers participate in international programs and research internships in leading foreign universities and research centers.  Associate Professor G. E. Sarieva in 2009 passed scientific training at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), in 2010 at the University of Bayreuth (Germany), in 2013 at the free University of Berlin. In 2013, associate Professor Asanbekova C. A. passed scientific training at the international program for IТЕС research centre for agricultural chemistry fertilizers (India). In 2017 in this program training was held methodologist of the Department of physical culture Beisheeva T.

Under the program of academic mobility at the faculty in 2017-2018 were trained students of OshGU and TalGU. In 2018-2019 it is planned to train students of the Department of natural Sciences in OshGU. Students of the faculty regularly participate in various events held within the framework of the faculty and the University, many of them were awarded diplomas, certificates, commendations, diplomas of different degrees. Graduates of the Department work successfully in the field of education in different regions of the Republic. Every year, students in the specialty “Physical culture” take prizes at the Olympics, tournaments and University games, held both in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.