Student Union

Student Union IKSU – voluntary, public, self-governing, independent Association of students dedicated to actively assist in the management of student life and protects the rights and legitimate interests of students, helps meet their needs in the field of study, work, life, relaxation, realization of creative potential, represents its members in state and public organizations, including international.

The main goals and objectives

1. Instilling in youth a sense of patriotism, internationalism and unity of the citizens of Kyrgyzstan.

2. The expression of the interests and protection of the rights and freedoms of students in IKSU named after K. Tynystanov.

3. Outlook development of the students and ability to realize their intellectual potential.

4. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and environmental worldview among students.

5. Mobilizing students to improve the quality of knowledge, the strengthening of the discipline.

6. Assistance in the training of conscious, of national intelligence, update and enrichment of the intellectual potential of the nation, the education of its spiritual elite, the enhancement of the cultural potential.

7. Assist in the activities of the youth cultural center “Tolkun” in IKSU in the organization of cultural leisure of students.

8. Social support for needy students.

9. Implementation close interaction with youth, public and non-governmental organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic and other countries.