Human resources department

Department staff

Head of Human Resources – Chortonova Kurmanjan Usenkulovna

  • Address: 103 Abdrakhmanov str., IKSU, #205
  • Phone.: +996 3922 52385

Senior Specialist – Dzhaylobayeva Dinara Maatovna

Student Inspector – Asanova Kenzhe Burganakovna

Inspector – Akmatova Asel Kamchybekovna

Inspector – Zhanarkul Taalaibekovna Eshieva

Inspector – Zhomartova Toktоaiym Rasulovna

Functional responsibilities of employees
Functionality of the department

The Human Resources Department is an independent unit in accordance with the University Charter and reports in its practical work to the Rector of the University.

The Human Resources Department is guided in its activities by the decisions of the Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Resolutions of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, orders and decrees of the Rector.

Work on dismissal and admission is carried out jointly with the heads of the academic department, dean’s offices, departments, divisions and other services of the university.

The human resources department is staffed predominantly by employees with a university degree and experience in human resources.

Main functions:

1. Reviewing submissions for recruitment, transfer and dismissal, timely completion of personnel files for new hires, and recording and retention of personnel files for all permanent university staff.

2. Issue personnel orders for staff and teaching staff as well as for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

3. Preparation of materials for the placement of young professionals together with the deans of faculties and the education department, participation in the work of the university’s graduate placement committee.

4. To supervise the implementation of the decisions of the Young Professional Placement Committee (submission of personal placement sheets and referrals to the Ministry of Education).

5. Organise the storage of employment records, their completion on the basis of incoming documents, and the recording of transfers and promotions.

6. To prepare reports from the units in a timely manner. Maintaining and storing student files, timely distribution of orders and safeguarding of relevant documents in the files.

7. To submit to the university archives the personal files of the teaching staff, workers, employees and students in the prescribed manner and within the prescribed time limits.

8. Preparation of primary information of enrolled students for passbooks and student cards, responsibility for delivery and issuance of passbooks and student cards.

9. Preparation of initial information on graduates’ diplomas, responsibility for delivery and issuance of diplomas.