Department of Education Quality Control and Accreditation

Department staff

Chief specialist – Akmoldoeva Sayragul Borodoyevna

  • Address: 103 Abdrakhmanov str. № 217
  • Phone: +996 3922 52690
  • E-mail:

Methodologist – Mambetova Kulmira Aseinovna

Functional responsibilities of employees

The department for monitoring the quality of education at PSU was established in November 2003 by order of the Rector of PSU (grounds: Order No. 399/1 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic dated May 19, 2003), A.T. Beirmanov was appointed the head of the department.

The DQA, a structural unit of the university, ensures the collection, processing and analysis of information on the actual state of the university’s education quality system, timely analysis of changes occurring in it, as well as the organisation of preparation for the procedures of comprehensive evaluation of the university’s performance.

Then there were no less important personalities in this department such as Professor N.K. Dyusheyeva, Associate Professor D.A. Abduldaev, Associate Professor E.K. Sartbaev, D.K. Begaliev, J.A. Takyrbasheva and A.D. Makeshov.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the department is renamed the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department ( DQAA) in connection with all educational institutions undergoing programme accreditation.

DQAA reports to the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and is headed by the Chief Specialist of the Department. This position is currently held by Akmoldoeva. Sairagul Borodoevna. She is appointed and dismissed by the order of the Rector of the University.

DQAA carries out the following activities:

Organisational activities – organising the development, implementation and operation of the university’s education quality management system, organising quality monitoring;

Analytical activities – analysis of the effectiveness of the university quality management system and best practices of education quality implemented in other HEIs, analysis of the employment of university graduates;

Supervisory activities – carrying out internal audits and monitoring studies;

Consulting activities – advising structural units on quality management in educational activities;

Marketing activities – researching consumer demands on the quality of university graduates;

Methodological activities – training of academic staff and internal auditors on quality management in the field of educational activities;

Information activities – informing management, faculty and the public about performance.

Innovative activities – implementation of a modern model for a quality education system.

General management of the organisation of the preparation and examination of documents for the licensing of new educational programmes of the faculties of the university.

Formation of a general package of documents for the licensing of new educational programmes.

Coordination, information and methodological support, control and analysis of the activities of the structural units, and analysis of the activities of the structural units with regard to HEI accreditation.

In 2016-17. K. Tynystanov SGI underwent independent programme accreditation in 10 specialties, and in 2017-18 in 2 specialties. There are certificates from the “Agency for Accreditation of Educational Programmes and Organisations” under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Preparation for programme accreditation (attestation) in 6 specialities is underway in 2018-19.

The Department of Quality Assurance and Accreditation functions as an integral part of a modern higher education institution.