Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Engineering

Dean: Takyrbashev Amangeldi Beksultanovich.
Address: Kyrgyz Republic, Karakol, K. Tynystanov str.
Phone: +996 392250817, +996 0709 915961, 0553 335775
E-mail: amangelgin@mail.ru

The faculty is consideredas one of the leading faculties in the university; it is the center for training specialists in physics and technology for the entire 78-year history of our university. The faculty is proud of the fact that not only high school teachers, candidates and doctors of sciences came out of its classrooms, but also the president of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan Academician Zheenbayev Zh; Director of the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Orozbakov T; Minister of Economy of the Republic Pankratov O.M. and many State and public figures of the republic – A. Karypkulov, J. Saadanbekov, J. Kanimetov and others.                1. Brief History of the Faculty: Since 1940, since the opening of the Przewalski Teachers’ Institute, the Department of Physics and Mathematics has been functioning. In 1971, the Department of Physics was separated from the Department of Mathematics and formed the Faculty of Physics. In 1998, the faculty was transformed into a physical and technical faculty. Currently, Associate Professor A.Abduldaev heads the faculty.

2. Structure of the faculty At the faculty there are 2 graduating departments:Department of “Physics and Power Supply”: head of the department, candidate of pedagogical sciences,  Associate Professor Chynybaev R.R. 2. Department of “Machine Science and Automotive Transport”,
Head of the Department, Candidate of Technical SciencesAssociate Professor Takyrbashev A.B.


  1. The faculty teaching staff:


– Candidates of Science-12

– Senior lectures-1

– Instructors (teachers)-9

-Training assisting staff-8

The faculty staff scientific standing is 58 %.


4.The Faculty of Physics and Technology has a well-equipped material and technical base:

one scientific center, 21 laboratory rooms, 5 internet classrooms, a training ground for power transmission lines (LEP) and 2 metal and wood processing workshops.

5. Educational activity The faculty prepares bachelor’s degrees in the following areas and profiles for full-time and part-time forms of study



Direction and Profiles


Academic degree

Training period


550200 – Physical and mathematical training (budget, contract)
profile «Physics»

Bachelor, magistr




550800 -Vocational training (engineer educator) (budget, contract)
profile “Technical systems in agribusiness”

Bachelor, magistr



640200 -Electrical power engineering and electrical engineering (contract)
profile «Power supply»






670200- Operation of transport-technological vehicles and complexes (Car-care center)
profile “Exploitation of vehicles”




670300 -Technology of transport processes
profile “Organization and traffic safety”



 6. Student life                At the faculty there is a student union, working on the principles of self-government, which conducts educational and cultural events among students in cooperation with the departments and the dean’s office.Our students actively participate in various competitions, sports competitions, festivals, debates, trainings, etc.Some active students take part in international projects. Two of them in 2008 visited the projects in the far abroad:1. Kokzhalov Islambek ES-31 (the Republic of Czechia, Brno)2. Azizov Nursultan IP-31 (Republic of Portugal, Guimaraes)


Departments of the Faculty

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Educational Technology