Faculty of Philology


The history of the Faculty of Philology has developed in parallel with the history of the university and dates back to June 13, 1940 when the two-year Teacher Training Institute was opened in Przhevalsk. At that time, the Faculty of Literature had 50 applicants. The first head of the then only Department of Philology was V. V. Kostylev. On April 22, 1953 the Pedagogical Teacher Training Institute named after G. Dimitrov was reorganized into the PSPI (Przhevalskiy State Pedagogical Institute) after which the faculty was considerably enlarged and the department of the Kyrgyz language was opened. In connection with the beginning of foreign language training, in 1996 the Department of English Language Theory was established. A correspondence department was opened in 1967.

Over the years, the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature has made a significant contribution to the development of the theory and history of the Russian language and literature, as well as their teaching methodology at school. The research of teachers, linguists, scientists who worked at PSPI, such as O.V. Ozarovsky, N.G. Tomarchenko, Y.N. Chumakov, V.K. Yantsen, V.I. Shapovalov, A.S. Kantsev, G. Hlypenko, A.D. Mansuza, V.D. Glebov, K. Beisembaev, H. Dootaliev, K. Zhideeva, K. Dobaev have gained wide renown.

The Department of Kyrgyz Philology, founded in the 1990s, was enriched with renowned linguists and writers from other higher education institutions of the country, as well as from the Kyrgyz National Academy of Sciences. In 1992, the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology was transformed into an independent faculty. The first dean was Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor K. Abakirov.

In the formation and development of the Faculty, great contribution was made by such prominent representatives of national philology as H.Karasaev, Z.Bektenov, J.Zhusaev, K.Beishembaev, J.Mamytov, B.Zhumabaev, S.Ybykeev, H.Doolotaliev, Sh.Orozakunov, B.Zhaparov, etc.

In the history of its development, the Kyrgyz department was for many years a separate department. The departments of English and Foreign Languages were also part of a separate Institute of World Languages. The Russian language department was part of the Faculty of Russian Philology and Journalism, later Russian Philology and Foreign Languages.

An old photo of the department from 1972: 1 row: Lazaridi E.I., Salieva A.S., Sokolova E.V., Glebov V.D., Amirkhanova S.A., Dzhumabaev B.J. 2 row: Lenchik S., Omuralieva G.K., Starodubova V. , Rakita V.

According to the demands of the time and according to the social development, the Faculty was expanded, renamed several times and reorganised in 2012, 2019. In order to optimise the activities of the university, in 2021, the Faculty of Kyrgyz Philology, History, Pedagogy and Art and the Faculty of Russian Philology and Foreign Languages were merged to create the Faculty of Philology.

The Faculty of Philology currently has four departments: 

  • Department of Kyrgyz Language and Literature;
  • Department of Russian Language and Literature;
  • Department of Foreign Languages;
  • Department of English Language and Teaching Methodology;

The Faculty provides training in the following areas and profiles:

  • 550300 – Philological Education (profiles: “Kyrgyz Language and Literature” (Bachelor, Master); “Russian Language and Literature” (Bachelor, Master); “Foreign Language” (Bachelor);
  • 531100 – Linguistics (profiles: Translation and Translation Studies (Bachelor); Theory and Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages (Bachelor).

Professor-teaching staff of the faculty consists of; 42 people, including 5 doctors of sciences, 12 candidates of sciences; among them there are associate professors and senior lecturers, 13 senior lecturers and 9 teachers, 3 laboratory assistants.

Our faculty includes distinguished scientists, doctors of sciences such as A.Imanov, J.Osmonova, A.Abdykerimova, A.Dunkanaev, S.Abdullaev and many candidates of sciences, who are leading in the country, which has a direct impact on the quality of education.

   The staff of the faculty in training and education of students shows high creativity, scientific and methodological search, strong cohesion and exemplary activity. Teachers are in constant search for quality improvement in training competitive, competent professionals who meet the challenges of the modern labor market, capable of developing our region and country, who love our Kyrgyzstan.

Teachers from our faculty publish textbooks, scientific monographs, curricula and research articles for pupils and teachers, for students and teachers of universities, colleges and schools in our country, participate in international forums, conferences, symposiums and improve their qualifications.

Great attention is paid to the education of students, the creation of comfortable conditions for study and development. Students of the Faculty of Philology actively participate not only in the social life of the university, but also in the city of Karakol, participate in international Olympiads, national competitions, academic mobility around the country and abroad.

The department is proud of its contribution to the overall development of our university, as it plays an important role in training the best specialists for our region and country.

The staff of the Faculty of Philology. 2021-2022 academic year.

The Faculty of Philology is active with the higher education institutions of our republic and foreign partner institutions. Foreign partner universities of the Faculty of Philology: