Pedagogical Faculty


In 1959 the Faculty of Music and Pedagogy was opened. At this faculty were formed two departments: the Department of “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education” and the Department of “Music”. These departments trained elementary school and music teachers. The department of pedagogy of elementary education received the status of an independent faculty in 1977, Associate Professor S. Ybykeev was appointed Dean. Since the end of 1985, the faculty was headed by A. Sarbagyshev. In 1988, Przhevalsk State Pedagogical Institute was transformed into a branch of the Kyrgyz State University. The Department of Russian Language and Literature was replaced by the Department of Pedagogy. In connection with the transformation of this branch into the Yssyk-Kul Pedagogical Institute named after K. Tynystanov. The Faculty opened two departments: Kyrgyz language and literature and pre-school pedagogy and methodology. Associate Professor A.D. Mansuza served as dean of this faculty. In 1994 the Faculty of Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education was reorganized as a department of the Faculty of Philology, this department was served by the department of “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education”. Then the faculty was renamed to the Faculty of Philology, Pedagogy and Art. Dean of the faculty was Professor A.T.Dunkaev began his career in the department of “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education”. At the moment, the Faculty has acquired its original purpose and is called the Faculty of Pedagogy. The dean of the faculty is Associate Professor Anapiyeva Asel Abdisatarovna. The teaching staff of the faculty consists of 54 people, 6 doctors of sciences, 23 candidates of sciences&nbsp, among them there are associate professors, 2 associate professors without academic degree, 2 people artists, 11 teachers. The tenure of the department is  53,7%. The staff of the chair reveals high creativity, scientific-methodical searching, solidarity and exemplary activity in teaching and upbringing of students.

Faculty members of our department publish textbooks, scientific monographs, curricula and scientific articles for universities and colleges of the country. The faculty is proud of its contribution to the overall development of our university, as it plays an important role in preparing the best professionals in our university.