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Our center is a modern center at a high level in terms of quantity, quality of material and technical base and meets all the requirements of the educational process..





About the center

About the center

From the 2011-2012 academic year by the decision of the Academic Council, Issyk-Kul State University named after K. Tynystanov, dated 28.06. 11, No. 01-88, a structural subdivision “Center for Distance Education and Advanced Training” was created, which was transferred to the functions of organizing the educational process for correspondence students. Since 2012, in accordance with the reforms in the higher education system in the Kyrgyz Republic, Issyk-Kul State University has switched from the traditional part-time form of study to part-time form using distance technologies. From the same year, the Center for Distance Education and Professional Development, in accordance with the license received from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, began training correspondence students using distance technologies. The main tasks of the DEC PD : 1. Tasks of using distance educational technologies in the educational process: – Create conditions for the optimization of the educational process in all forms of training using TDO; – providing students with the opportunity to master educational programs regardless of place of residence and social status through remote access to information resources of the educational process using distance learning technologies and educational services; – providing students with the opportunity to draw up an individual schedule and pace of study for educational programs; – Improving the quality of the educational process through a systematically organized set of technologies, processes and personnel to meet the educational needs of students; – improving the system for monitoring and evaluating student learning outcomes in the information and educational sphere of the university; – Reducing the load on the university audience. 2. Tasks of organizing the educational process using TDO: – providing conditions for the work and management of the educational system using TDO; – Maintaining and maintaining the official website of the university on the educational process using distance learning technologies (; – training and systematic professional development of teachers using TDO in the educational process. 3. Basic principles of organizing the educational process using TDO: – skill, compliance of all elements of the pedagogical system (goals, objectives, content, forms of teaching, teaching methods, techniques, means and technologies, forms of organizing practical and independent activities of students, planning and monitoring learning outcomes, the role of teachers); – interactivity, the ability of all participants to regularly interact in the field of special e-learning through forums, video conferencing, webinars, chats, as well as e-mail and social networks using TDO; – flexibility to ensure that participants in the educational system work at a convenient time and pace using TDO; – Efficiency and objectivity in assessing the knowledge of students in the curriculum.



Structure of DEC PD


Today, the center employs 6 employees: director, senior inspector, methodologists and software engineer.

Director: Isabekov Kubatbek Abdykerimovich, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor.


Contact information: 0555 69 11 91; 03922 5 26 47;

Senior inspector : Sartpaev Erkinbek Kelgenbaevich, senior teacher.




Contact information: 0701 53 03 63; 03922 5 01 19;

Methodist Mazekova: Mazekova Nazira Zholochievna




Contact information: 0709 86 31 56; 03922 5 01 18;

Methodist: Abyshaliev Kenzhebek Bekishovich




Contact information: 0701 53 03 09; 03922 5 01 18;

Methodist: Kerimkulova Nazgul Kalmakovna




Contact information: 0709 17 59 19; 03922 5 01 18;

Software Engineer: Kaparov Bayzhan Maratovich




Contact information: 0508455774;

Organization of the educational process

The main direction in the work of the center is the organization of the educational process in the field of higher and postgraduate education based on the use of modern teaching technologies. Currently, about 2,000 students are studying at the DEC and PD, for them the educational process is organized in accordance with curricula and schedules, which include overview lectures, practical and laboratory classes, students’ independent work, consultations, etc. Classes for distance learning students are taught by the teaching staff from 14 departments of Issyk-Kul State University. In the DEC and PD, together with the teachers of the departments, work is underway to form an electronic educational resource – electronic educational and methodological complexes (EEMK) in all disciplines in accordance with the State Educational Standard (SES) of Higher Professional Education (HPE) of the Kyrgyz Republic and uploading to the educational portal DEC and PD. An active work has been carried out to automate the educational process, both at the ISU and in the Central Educational Institution and the PD. For these purposes, the AVN program has been introduced, which makes it possible to automate the educational process control system at the university, as well as to apply distance technology in teaching correspondence students on the job. The main base of information resources of the university is the educational portal ( The educational portal acts as the main information center in the management of the training system.




Material and technical base of the center


The Center has two multimedia classrooms with 31 computers and two servers, all classrooms are connected to the Internet. The material and technical base complies with the current fire rules and regulations and ensures the conduct of all types of classes provided for in the curriculum.

Educational program

The Center for Distance Education and Professional Development prepares extramural students with the use of distance technologies and the use of credit technologies, in the following areas of the bachelor’s degree:

1. Direction of training: 550300 Philological education
2. Training profile: Kyrgyz language and literature
Russian language and literatureа
2. Direction of training: 550400 Socio-economic education
Training profile: History
3. Direction of training: 550700 Pedagogy
Training profile: Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
4. Direction of training: 640200 Power and Electrical Engineering
Training profile: Power supply
5. Direction of training: 670200 Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes
Training profile: Operation and maintenance of transport and technological machines and equipment
6. Direction of trainig: 670300 Technology of transport processes
Training profile: Organization and traffic safety
7. Direction of training: 710200 Information systems and technologies
Training profile: Information systems and technologies
8. Direction of training: 550100 Natural science education
Training profile: Geography
9.Direction of training: 532000 Physical education
Training profile: Physical culture
10. Direction of training: 520800 Ecology and nature management
Training profile: Ecology and nature management
11.Direction of training: 550200 Physics and mathematics education
Training profile: Mathematics
12. Direction of training: 580100 Economics
Training profile: Accounting, analysis and audit
Finance and credit

13.Direction of training: 600200 Toutism
Training profile: Technology and organization of state and legal services in tourism
14. Direction of training: 730100 Forestry and landscape construction
Training profile: Forestry and landscape construction

The center for distance education and advanced training has licenses and certificates for all of the above areas of bachelors.

The center will develop as a modern structural department that meets all the requirements of distance education in the future.




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